Earn money from Twitter, Explained step by step

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Earn money from TwitterBefore you can make money on Twitter, you have to build a following. So first, I’ll dive into how you can grow your account. After that, I’ll give you plenty of examples of how to earn money.

The hardest part of growing on Twitter is the first 1,000 followers.

How to get your first 1,000 followers.

The easiest way to reach 100 followers is to Follow for Follow people. There are many Facebook groups where you can post your profile and ask people to follow back.

Followers aren’t the same as fans

Getting your follower count off 0 is important because it gives you credibility. Nobody wants to be first in following you. But in order to grow on Twitter, you need to connect and form relationships.

One quote I keep using over and over is from JK Molina on Twitter saying: Be a sage when you tweet and be a bro when you comment.

People want to learn and enjoy themselves on Twitter. So if you tweet something on your timeline and you want people to interact with it, be sure to provide value.

If you want to connect with others, be sure you’re a Bro. The easiest way to do this is to remember how you interact with your friends in real life.

You probably make jokes. You make fun of them. Etc.

When you create positive emotion, that’s when you make fans.

Friends and fans are the foundation of your path to Twitter growth. They engage with your tweets and that’s the only way your tweets will get more reach.

The more reach your tweets get, the more people will see them and view your profile. The more people that view your profile, the more people will follow you.

Before people follow you, they look at your profile and size you up

Make sure they don’t find a “basic” eggshell as a profile pic. Preferably, upload your picture so everyone knows who’s the face behind the tweets.

Create a bio that shows what people can learn from you

Bad bio: I’m a 25-year-old student. I live in The United States and I’m studying political science.

Good bio: Follow me if you want to learn about the tricks politicians use. I explain them like a six-year-old. Also, I really love cat memes.

The first one only mentions things about you. It’s doesn’t make a connection with me. I have no idea what kind of tweets I’ll see from you.

The second one is clear about what tweets I’ll get from you and you’re making a connection with me because the cat memes part is funny.

Tweet a bit on your own timeline so when people click through to it they won’t see a blank page.

The most important thing you have to do until you reach 1,000 followers is engaging with others. Both small and large accounts.

Follow big and small accounts in your niches/interest

Make connections with the small accounts. Be a bro. Retweet their tweets. Follow them. Send them a DM.

Never do an “ask” when you send a DM.

Only “give”. For example, tell them how much a certain tweet of theirs resonated with you. Or that you enjoy interacting with them. That’s it.

Add value to the larger accounts. Add nuances. Add to the discussion.

Don’t be a smartass where you try to improve on the tweet that was sent by them. Add your perspective to it.

When you follow big accounts, make sure you also set a notification. It’s the bell icon.

When they tweet you get a push notification. Timing is everything on Twitter because the half-life of a tweet is very short. The sooner you get your comment in, the more engagement that tweet will get. The more engagement, the more followers you will gain from it.

Consistency is important

Twitter’s Algo rewards people who tweet consistently. Like daily. It helps when you can schedule your tweets. Use Hypefury – Grow & Monetize your Twitter presence to make your life easier. (You can try it for free for 14 days)

Now for the money-making part

You need to have at least a couple of hundred followers for the following tactics to work. If you don’t have at least 300 – 500 followers, rinse and repeat the above-mentioned tactics first.

  1. Buy someone’s course. Read it. Execute on it. Next: DM the maker that you really enjoyed their course. No, ask yet. Tell them how much it made a difference in your life.

Once you get a reply, ask if you can be their affiliate. They probably say yes.

Next, tweet about the results and mention the maker. Don’t create a single tweet. Create a thread and mention what you did and what results from the course you gained. End with your affiliate link to the course.

Being someone’s affiliate is the easiest way to make money. You don’t have to create anything yourself. You just have to buy someone’s course and tweet about it in a meaningful way.

Never make the mistake of asking someone if you can be their affiliate without being their product first. It’s just BS. You need to understand how the course or product works in order to sell it. You don’t want to give the creator a bad name either.
The best way to make money is to create your own course. It’s simple, but not easy.

You need to have knowledge of a specific area but you also need to know if people are interested in buying your course.

2. The best way to do this is to build in public. Show what you’re building and see if you get any traction when you talk about it. if you don’t, ask your followers what they think. If the response is still low. Abandon it and choose a different angle.

Once you nailed your course angle, use Canva.com to create your ebook or record a video where you run through a slide deck.

It’s actually easier and less time-consuming to create a video than it is to create an ebook. And the value of a video course is higher than an ebook.

If you have time on your hands, create both and have the bundle as an upsell.

Gumroad is a marketplace for digital products and is often used by people on Twitter to sell their courses.

Price your first product between $8 and $20. If it’s just an ebook, don’t go higher than $10. If it’s the bundle you can go a bit higher.

3. Create a (paid) newsletter on Substack and funnel people from Twitter to it. Threads that explain valuable insights to people are ideal funnels towards signup forms.

If you have a lot of followers on Twitter you can make money with other things as well.

  • Create a community out of people who bought your courses.
  • Tweet ads
  • To paid shoutouts
  • Retweet others

Be careful though. When you do pay shoutouts and retweets you could end up getting your account shut down because this can be against Twitter’s TOS.

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